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Chocolate Reign Concepts

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Our Company’s Leader

Chocolate Reign Concepts (CRC) is an urban production company that focuses on producing Independent films and publishing insightful literature. CRC has spent years creating products that give a voice to the forgotten and voiceless. Our founding owner and CEO, Caliph Shaquel, has spent more than 30 years in different media-driven businesses, such as radio, television, film, publishing, and music. 

In his high school days, Caliph worked for a TV station and also began making films and videos. In 1999, he published his first book. Fast-forward to 2013, Caliph is now a dynamic online publisher and independent film maker.

Caliph is a sworn truth teller, he is the author of eight books. His success in the field of publishing was made possible because of the financial support he received from African American women. That support made it possible for Caliph to recently wrap up work on his second documentary about the infamous Backpage Murders, “Black Girls Die Too.”

Why the Greatest Tales Are Never Told

As a literary and film artist, Caliph recognized in his travels that many of the stories peddled by mainstream media follow an industry code in order to get airplay. The most important being, "if it bleeds, it leads."

This business model may have been successful for the major media corporations but it also overlooks so many great stories that need to be told. Caliph developed a team of talented truth tellers to help him give a voice to those living silently in the shadows of American society.

How Would You Like to Be a Superhero? Our International spokesman Dee Dawkins-Haigler is a super hero that forces those in positions of authority to be accountable. She is the brains behind our think tank and the force to the positive direction taken by Chocolate Reign.

At CRC, we focus on telling good stories through film, music, plays, paperback books, and e-books, as well as political and social merchandising. We hope to awaken the superhero in everyone.

We believe that anyone can be a protector of those incapable of protecting themselves. As literary warriors for the silent majority, we take this responsibility very seriously. Our motto is, “If you think it, we speak it!” Join us at CRC and become the community’s eyes and ears. Help us tell the world about the destructive issues happening in our community.

Influential Thought Leader 

Caliph Shaquel is also a public speaker, Ma’atic minister, online publisher, and consultant with the Crime Beat radio show. He holds a Master's degree in Principality from the Ruby University and a Ph.D. in Individuality from Finky Tech.

As a visionary and Ma’atic Minister, he has created a vehicle to finance and produce his own films, books, music, and videos. His company, Chocolate Reign Concepts, is in the business of storytelling. The stories that affect the black community. 

Caliph’s business model makes all those connected to the enterprise partners in the success of the project. This guarantees that he will receive 100% participation from all he employs. 

He believes in empowering talented individuals by allowing them to get the job done the best way they can. Caliph’s books are read all over the world and his last film has been purchased in 15 countries as it continues to be screened in various regions. 

As an influential public speaker, he is a staunch truth advocate. He lives by the Ma’atic virtues of peace, love, balance, justice, and harmony. These are the principles that guide Caliph when deciding what films to make or what books to write.

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As we create films and publish more books, we explore more avenues to reveal the truth. Learn about upcoming films, books, and provocative urban events we have in store. You can send us an email or make inquiries at contact us.