Chocolate Reign Concepts
If you think it, we speak it.

Chocolate Reign Concepts

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The idea to create a film/ publishing company was inspired by the great Berry Gordy of Motown Records. Caliph Shaquel studied what Mr. Gordy did with music and film in the 60s and 70s. He has tried to duplicate that blue print by attracting amazing young Atlanta talent to his vision as Mr. Gordy did with the youth in Detroit Michigan. Chocolate Reign has grown from 1 person to 71 in the last 2 decades. We have wonderful relationships with actors, writers, singers, video directors and producers and politicians. Chocolate Reign is the future of Independent film in Atlanta and the world.  

Our First Believer

Chocolate Reigns VP of new talent and Chief make up artist is the legendary Leslie Roberts. Born into the Roberts family business of beautification. She is the CEO of Love your Nails in Atlanta Ga. and the Heir to the city landmark Roberts school of Cosmetology. Leslie was the first person to sell Caliph's books out of her business, thereby helping a struggling artist. She became a great friend and confidant helping him navigate Chocolate Reign through some very tough times. She is now a limited partner and the driving force on our film sets. Her skills make for some wonderful characters in CRC films. 

The most important mission is to protect our women!

Chocolate Reign mission is about protecting, cultivating and supporting Black women. It is the responsibility of all men to protect all women. Caliph Shaquel looked around his community and saw black women abused, mentally physically, emotionally and financially. He decided to focus his company on highlighting the issues that plagued his strong mother, Queen Ruby T Fields. It is his goal to make life better for his 3 daughters Brittany, Courtney, Brandy along with his 3 grand daughters Jayda, Nevie and Chevy. This idea of creating a better community for the women his life will hopefully motivate other black men to do the same. 

Mother of the Chocolate Reign movement.

It was the lessons Caliph Shaquel learned at the foot of his mother that inspires him to do the kind of work that will make her proud.